There's Still Good Left In The World (and this is a zine to showcase that)

Made to highlight the efforts made by the music community (mainly in the New York / New Jersey / Philadelphia areas) to raise awareness, funds, and support for organizations in need following the 2016 Presidential Election. Features highlights from numerous benefit shows along with a look at bands, artists, and labels that donated proceeds from music and merchandise sales to those in need.

This zine was sold for pwyw at DIY shows in the months following its release, with all profit being donated to local charities.

You can read it here

Representation: A Zine That Focuses on Non-Men in the Music Industry

Made in an effort to highlight the number of female and non-binary individuals that make up the music industry. This zine contains photos of female/nb musicians and artists taken by female/nb photographers, as well as an interactive playlist of non-male artists and musicians.

All sales from this zine were donated to The National Alliance to End Sexual Violence and The Grateful Garment Project,

You can read it here

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